Downloads and Resources

Search Creation Logo is a custom search engine to find an answer to any question on creation, evolution, science, and the Bible.



Answers In Genesis

Answers in Genesis has huge amounts of on-line media and many articles where you can get answers to almost every evolutionary question.



ICR - Institute for Creation Research

The Institute for Creation Research produces a weekly radio program called Science, Scripture, & Salvation, a monthly short video clip called That's A Fact, and many other resources including their monthly Acts & Facts publication, Impact Articles, and technical papers.



Creation Ministries International

Creation Ministries International has new videos every week that discuss the articles in their Creation Magazine and other short video clips.



Creation Today

Creation Today has many different videos on their site including the Creation Today show, Creation Minute, and the popular Creation Seminars with Eric Hovind and Kent Hovind.



Arrival of the Fittest - Truth Fish Eating Darwin Fish

If you want creation and evolution related audio, video, and other downloads visit