Some time ago on my property I found a beach ball just below ground level. Thinking nothing of it I discarded it. Later while digging I discovered a old plastic grocery bag very near by. At this point I immediately noticed the similarity, both were plastic, both were blue, both could be almost formed into the shape of a sphere, and most importantly the bag was below the ball! To this point I have done much more digging and have found several other plastic objects but each have been too different to be considered of any value. I have a hypothesis that if I ever find a blue, plastic, spherical object that is intermediate in size and thickness I will have definitive empirical evidence that the beach ball evolved from the plastic bag. Right....?

Almost every month someone says they have found the "missing link" between apes and humans, cows and whales, light sensitive cells and eyes, dinosaurs and birds, or any other combination imaginable. A fossil can be anything from a rain drop print, to a foot print, to a full skeleton. It was Darwin that stated that if his 'theory' was true, then millions of intermediate fossils would be found. Every day millions of dollars are being spent to find these 'missing links' because without them the evolutionary model falls apart. Fossils are the strongest evidence used to support evolution because they are tangible, abundant, and can be studied; however, there is one major problem with fossils:

NO fossil is proof of evolution.

All you can tell from studying a fossil is that it died. You can't even be sure where it died, all you know is where it was buried. To determine if a fossil is a 'missing link' they look at its size, its shape, and the layer which it was found.

- Today we have tall humans.
- Today we have short humans.
- Today we have skinny humans.
- Today we have fat humans.
- Today we have large-headed humans.
- Today we have small-headed humans.

- Today humans have steep-sloped skulls.
- Today humans have shallow-sloped skulls.
- Today humans have long skulls.
- Today humans have short skulls.
- Today humans have wide skulls.
- Today humans have narrow skulls.

- Complete and fully-formed structures are found in top layers.
- Complete and fully-formed structures are found in middle layers.
- Complete and fully-formed structures are found in bottom layers.

It is possible to take the skulls from living humans today and place them in a logical order to make it look like evolution happened, but this does not prove that they are descendants of each other. Just like looking at a blue beach ball and a plastic bag does not prove they had a common ancestor, a small jaw bone and a large jaw bone buried in the dirt do not prove anything about who their parents were. Since today we observe that animals cannot evolve from one kind to another, it would be illogical to assume that animals in the past were able to violate the DNA Code Barrier.

Most times people will confuse horizontal evolution with vertical evolution.

Horizontal Evolution

- Great Dane to Chihuahuas (Dog to Dog)
- Vegetarian Finch to Warbler Finch (Bird to Bird)
- Drosophila Melanogaster to Drosophila Pseudoobcura (Fruit Fly to Fruit Fly)

Vertical Evolution

- Monkey to Human
- Dinosaur to Bird
- Cow to Whale

Textbooks will put in examples of horizontal evolution to show that change happens, but then jump to the conclusion that vertical evolution happens when it has never been observed. Variation is always limited within the kind. New genes do not evolve to meet needs or wants. Science requires observable, empirical evidence that can be tested using the scientific method. Since there is no one alive today that witnessed the fossilized animal have descendants, no fossil can be considered evidence for evolution. There will never be a fossil find that can disprove creation because finding bones in the dirt only proves that it died.


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